Xbox Series X Unboxing & Review!

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Austin Evans

Πριν 5 μήνες

The Microsoft Xbox Series X brings serious competition to the PS5 but is it enough?
Why you need a new TV for Xbox Series X and PS5:
Does the Xbox Series X overheat?
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ottr hunter
ottr hunter Πριν 15 ημέρες
*Me who wanted the PS5 but now is having second guesses because there’s better games on xbox* Edit: ( and better hardware )
Terrantum Πριν 15 ημέρες
Me sitting with a tv that doesn’t even have the color yellow
Chris Fane
Chris Fane Πριν 18 ημέρες
Anyone who wants one don’t give up, keep calling your local retailers Got my hands on one last week, very happy with it
Fina Gamer
Fina Gamer Πριν 20 ημέρες
ps5 is best
Thaddeus Weiss
Thaddeus Weiss Πριν 25 ημέρες
Dude, any of these people that say a controller is a con, especially in an age where any serious gamers own an elite, scuff, or razer controller, rubs me the wrong way..... I'm alone here right?
Curt Everson
Curt Everson Πριν 25 ημέρες
Best Curtis version thanks Need one love it
Mario Graham
Mario Graham Πριν 27 ημέρες
I love how you pronouncing capital H and HDMI 👍👏
Gamer Man
Gamer Man Πριν 27 ημέρες
Can you use Xbox one rechargeable battery packs with Xbox series X's new controllers or would you need to get a new one?
Sebastian Bou Harb
Sebastian Bou Harb Πριν μήνα
10:23 wrong turn lol
Markie Rickster
Markie Rickster Πριν μήνα
I am starting to like the design of the series x
Andre Long
Andre Long Πριν μήνα
What’s the name of the game on 5:16
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
Watchdogs legion
28 13
28 13 Πριν μήνα
Finally got both the ps5 and new xbox
Muhammad Playz
Muhammad Playz Πριν μήνα
my ps4: 60 hertz my best friend has: 120 hertz phone *brahhhh*
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson Πριν μήνα
austin flexing the whole time sitting on the chair lmfao
gigglebob69 Πριν μήνα
Managed to get mine. Had to pay a few quid extra but it's been worth it
gigglebob69 Πριν μήνα
The Xbox One X is the One.5
Keith Mcgriff
Keith Mcgriff Πριν 2 μήνες
Still don't have it. Sells out in minutes.
Jack The Thomas Fan 2021
Jack The Thomas Fan 2021 Πριν 2 μήνες
February 10th 2021 Ah Memories
Jack The Thomas Fan 2021
Jack The Thomas Fan 2021 Πριν μήνα
@No Yes because I want to
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
Why are you commenting on like all of his vids?
faris azhar
faris azhar Πριν 2 μήνες
Building the ultimate Xbox series x?
Giga Byte
Giga Byte Πριν 2 μήνες
Compare how fast they turn on
Giga Byte
Giga Byte Πριν 2 μήνες
My Xbox one s turns on in less then a second no cap
Since I have the PS5 and xbox series x I am just looking back on the reviews cuz I Can
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Πριν 2 μήνες
2:24 sounded like he tried to take a shit while saying series x
zSellOuTz 2k
zSellOuTz 2k Πριν 2 μήνες
Great Video! I just got mine and made a video of it too
Devin Worl
Devin Worl Πριν 2 μήνες
do you know how to upgrade from a laptop without having to spend more than a dollar?????
TDS jewlk
TDS jewlk Πριν 2 μήνες
I’ve ordered one and it’s coming tommorow
ThatRandomDom Πριν 2 μήνες
Why cant Microsoft and Sony make their own pc?
AMAGRON Πριν 2 μήνες
Hey austin, i got the series x and i cant get a 120hz monitor because my mom wont let me does 120 fps work on 60hz?
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
Freiteez Πριν 2 μήνες
Finally got one of these today when they dropped some inventory. Can’t wait to get it next week
Christian Ventura
Christian Ventura Πριν 2 μήνες
Im just here admiring my rtx 3090 😂
Kalpana Deka
Kalpana Deka Πριν 2 μήνες
Ps5 v's Xbox series x
joud Kik
joud Kik Πριν 3 μήνες
no ps5 is like 10 times better
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
It’s not Xbox series x is faster
xpert3154 Πριν 3 μήνες
2:38 atleast this generation of consoles can run GTA online on 30 fps without any problem.
Wither Gaming
Wither Gaming Πριν 3 μήνες
Why do I feel microsoft paid him to say xbox is better
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
No Xbox is proven better
a- microwave-
a- microwave- Πριν 3 μήνες
Nice DBG music
Julian Moesch
Julian Moesch Πριν 3 μήνες
I knew the moment he said almost any tv would work that I was about to buy an old square tv
Zretro vibeZ
Zretro vibeZ Πριν 3 μήνες
build the ultimate xbox series x
ALPHA DERAGON Πριν 3 μήνες
حاجی توهین نباشه خجالت نمیکشی اندازه بابا بزرگ من سن داری اینقد کس میگی😂😂
Lloyd Turner
Lloyd Turner Πριν 3 μήνες
Its the only console id ever consider buying. Good video Austin.
Charlie Bevan dick
Charlie Bevan dick Πριν 3 μήνες
Austin:the Xbox slightly beats out the PS5 PS5 fans:ThATs NOt fAir ThE PS5 Is sO MuCH BeTtEr Me: Austin do be speaking facts
Eric G
Eric G Πριν 3 μήνες
Ummm... Why did the Series S load faster than the X in all his examples? Mistake, right??
Chess Πριν 3 μήνες
fortnoob 21
fortnoob 21 Πριν 3 μήνες
Can we appreciate the glow of whiteness by the siries x at 6:57
Focus FN
Focus FN Πριν 3 μήνες
I hate people who do review videos of consoles and just don’t use it ever again or don’t sell it if they don’t use it. I have no hate against you but I just don’t like it
Shy 8696
Shy 8696 Πριν 3 μήνες
My tv is 1080 p but I got the x because I needed the disk slot
Beans Πριν 3 μήνες
So if I get the Series X it’ll work with my 1080p TV right cause he said they won’t support it
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
It will
MrFreshMexican Πριν 3 μήνες
what if you dont have a 4k tv but you also dont want all digital? will the series x still work on my tv?
Chess Πριν 3 μήνες
7 year lifecycle. I’m sure you’ll get a better job by then to buy a 4K OLED TV
Saif Alenezi
Saif Alenezi Πριν 3 μήνες
It is worth because in future you might buy a 4k tv and this console will still be here for 7 years maybe so yeah
Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Πριν 3 μήνες
Dorion Chandler
Dorion Chandler Πριν 3 μήνες
Who else is still on an Xbox one? Anyone? No? Just me?
Chess Πριν 3 μήνες
I sold it years ago. 30 fps is unplayable. Trying to get a Series X no luck yet though.
Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Πριν 3 μήνες
mine broke a while back
Paul Bitar
Paul Bitar Πριν 3 μήνες
Add me BombB1ts
Caiden Reid
Caiden Reid Πριν 3 μήνες
Boys I got it
Stinky Boi
Stinky Boi Πριν 3 μήνες
I just wanna take a moment to recognize Austin’s arms, they are pretty impressive
LX YTj06h
LX YTj06h Πριν 3 μήνες
the x box is shit vs the ps5.
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
Xbox is better and faster
Luis Fernando Palacios Flores
Luis Fernando Palacios Flores Πριν 3 μήνες
Ultimate Xbox series X
TTG supreme
TTG supreme Πριν 3 μήνες
Who else is watching this in preparation for tomorrow, Christmas Day
Ciara Πριν 13 ημέρες
@Guinea pigz Lmao do u even know what spoiled brat is??U literally dont know him how do u know hes a brat? Sorry ur parents dont love you m8
Eddie Morris
Eddie Morris Πριν 2 μήνες
But u dont get it 🥺
Nightbot Nightbot
Nightbot Nightbot Πριν 2 μήνες
@Guinea pigz just cause you have cool stuff doesnt mean you spolied
Jakex Πριν 2 μήνες
i got the xbox series x
OutlawedgamerX Πριν 2 μήνες
@Guinea pigz lol
Allan Barbour
Allan Barbour Πριν 3 μήνες
me in 2020 still using a xbox 360 lol
XTRA_Tapz Πριν 3 μήνες
I can’t believe I got this thing
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
60hz monitor tho
XTRA_Tapz Πριν 3 μήνες
@F3SK I just posted it
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
@XTRA_Tapz bet
XTRA_Tapz Πριν 3 μήνες
@F3SK on Christmas I’m posting the unboxing video
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
Just to play fortnite and your lying
Muhamad Abdeljabbar
Muhamad Abdeljabbar Πριν 3 μήνες
Will it be able to play all Xbox 360 games
Flaamin Πριν 4 μήνες
Can’t wait to put all my foods in it
Godian Πριν 4 μήνες
I bought a ps5 two days ago and now I'm watching this
Eean30 Πριν 3 μήνες
@Luke Brunelle I think he’s being sarcastic
Luke Brunelle
Luke Brunelle Πριν 3 μήνες
Godian u made the wrong choice
Godian Πριν 3 μήνες
@XxDELFROxX Yes, Yes I am
Godian Πριν 3 μήνες
@Eean30 No, seeing what I thankfully didn't buy
Prixy NAW
Prixy NAW Πριν 3 μήνες
Benjamin Pracic
Benjamin Pracic Πριν 4 μήνες
Which console do you prefer?
Nightmare Toy Bonnie
Nightmare Toy Bonnie Πριν 4 μήνες
Is it just me or before this video I just got an Xbox add
Agastya B.
Agastya B. Πριν 4 μήνες
Austin judges every single item of tech he has and unboxed.
Tryhardbros Πριν 4 μήνες
Anthony Killer
Anthony Killer Πριν 4 μήνες
How many times he said "xbox"...
Alper E Yildiz
Alper E Yildiz Πριν 4 μήνες
just buy a mac lmai
Ryan Vandenberg
Ryan Vandenberg Πριν 4 μήνες
“We’ve got a whole lot to unpack before we get into the unboxing” 15 seconds later: “I think it’s time to unbox this thing”
rohan Πριν 4 μήνες
When will xbox seire x come in stock
KO Manic
KO Manic Πριν 4 μήνες
Tip: the time its in stock you should have enough money to buy it
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur Πριν 4 μήνες
No Yes
No Yes Πριν μήνα
Ps kids in a nutshell
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
@Tsunami Guay it’s better then the ps5 so if we’re calling something garbage it should really be you
Gabriel Πριν 4 μήνες
Stay in PS please kid
RYG Πριν 4 μήνες
Honestly, I think we hit the end of X86 on consoles and start of the end of the platform. Sure Zen3 is more powerful and Zen4 will be too, if things move fast enough, we will truly get the next gen and it will be a real leap forward, consoles to ARM or consoles on ARM. Or worst scenario slowly and one last houra for X86 in next-gen wiht still at elast 50% CPU improvement and I'd expect an 8X-10X counting Ray-tracing and AI with GPU's. As for the chip supplier, best case is Apple supply the chips to MS and Sony since it is a space that Apple isn't competing in. They can afford to become a semi-private chip supplier for closed system. Otherwise AMD may be, AMD is not married to X86 as they do have an ARM license, pretty early on and at the root level pretty much adn with there mobile ARM GPU in SoC coming, it will be mature enough coming the next release cycle. Otherwise MS may chose Qualcomm as they jsut revealed there 888. And Sony may chose a different one though I'd think they want to stick together. Samsung+AMD GPU SoC may be an option, though I'd doubt they will get it in time or mature enough to do it and awkward if it will be on TSMC node for ebst efficiency and performance because efficiency is a performance at a certain point like past 5w. The black horse or most likely won't be a surprise but still everyone Pikachu face would be Nvidia, as they already make the X1 chip for Nintendo and X2 maybe or a different name for the upcoming 4k Switch. While they will be the owner even if separetly run ARM by then. I'd imagine some integration of Nvidia product with and a push of ARM processors to the market and unleash them, unleash the efficiency plus performance of ARM.
Iron Force Gaming 1
Iron Force Gaming 1 Πριν 4 μήνες
Tbh can’t wait till gears 6
ilmss Πριν 4 μήνες
Runs 4k 60 puts video on 1080 30 fps
———————————— Πριν 4 μήνες
Yeah and......... ?
Jackson Strawn
Jackson Strawn Πριν 4 μήνες
I can wait to see sea of thieves on this
you coon
you coon Πριν 4 μήνες
Designs by IFR music used
Isaiah Hodges
Isaiah Hodges Πριν 4 μήνες
Is that the game sphere from drake and josh behind you? Lol
Dakota Hoffman
Dakota Hoffman Πριν 4 μήνες
Do u need hdmi 2.1
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
@Dakota Hoffman no it can go to 8k if you have a good tv and 120 hz on certain games
Dakota Hoffman
Dakota Hoffman Πριν 3 μήνες
@F3SK I thought that's just 4k 120
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
No but if you want 4K yes but it gives you one
Momo Fcs
Momo Fcs Πριν 4 μήνες
Build the ultimate xbox séries x
Charlie Omg
Charlie Omg Πριν 4 μήνες
So boring he’s such a geek
———————————— Πριν 4 μήνες
You’re a 🤡
ethan Πριν 4 μήνες
bro i just walked into a walmart for groceries and i see 5 series x picked one up real quick
ethan Πριν 4 μήνες
@Aarush Singh yea bro it was crazy i couldn’t believe it
mr.peetatto Πριν 4 μήνες
Bro I cant wait fore Christmas
Sebastian Giebels
Sebastian Giebels Πριν 4 μήνες
Wehen you umbog this, you have one Xbox Series X box.
Mr. Pigeon
Mr. Pigeon Πριν 4 μήνες
Yeah, I’m getting the Series X while using a 2006 Plasma tv at 720p.
alex duffy
alex duffy Πριν 4 μήνες
honestly i love the xbox series x deisign better then the ps5s design cause the series x dissapears im the backround while gaming and the ps5 is a big boiii
kbg12ila Πριν 4 μήνες
AC Unity being played on the series X is probably one of the best looking games you can play on it and it's like 5 years old haha.
Cam Πριν 4 μήνες
I feel like Xbox Series X's motto should be "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
Von PraterGuitar
Von PraterGuitar Πριν 4 μήνες
I’ll upgrade when it’s 300 usd in a year. Happened every year. Till then good with my Xbox one slim.
———————————— Πριν 4 μήνες
It won’t drop to 300 In a year
Faze Obama
Faze Obama Πριν 4 μήνες
I dont like the new controller but everything else is awesome
F3SK Πριν 3 μήνες
Why don’t you like it
Luc Lefeber
Luc Lefeber Πριν 4 μήνες
Is dat allemaal inbegrepen in de prijs..?
Luc Lefeber
Luc Lefeber Πριν 4 μήνες
Ik vind het een grote spelletjesdoos..ik weet ook niet welke spelletjes erin zitten..?
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores Πριν 4 μήνες
2013: looks like a VCR | | 2020: looks like a mini fridge
Damien Foster
Damien Foster Πριν 4 μήνες
Load times between SeriesX and an XboxOneX (with games stored on external SSD)? Those comparisons would be nice to see
Mr. Weeaboo
Mr. Weeaboo Πριν 4 μήνες
I wish I could get a series X but everyone started hoarding the consoles and selling them for double the price
Ali The Alien
Ali The Alien Πριν 6 ημέρες
Av been waiting for a series x, ps5 and a rtx 3080 for over a year hahaha 😂
Mickey mouse donald duck and goofy fan
Mickey mouse donald duck and goofy fan Πριν 15 ημέρες
its also happening with switch now but its not as bad
ghost Πριν 15 ημέρες
@Shahana Kadri u will get one eventually I saved up over a year for one and was finally able to get a ps5 a few weeks ago just keep trying
Shahana Kadri
Shahana Kadri Πριν 16 ημέρες
Been waiting for 2 months checking every hour
ghost Πριν μήνα
Its mainly the ps5 that thats happening too
Fix DJ 19
Fix DJ 19 Πριν 4 μήνες
I have my Xbox one x for 2 years is about to be 3 in next month
Fix DJ 19
Fix DJ 19 Πριν 4 μήνες
I can’t get a Xbox
GodisReal Πριν 4 μήνες
Bruh people wanting to get Minecraft with RTX ,but I want to see how LEGO Batman 2 looks like with RTX
James W
James W Πριν 4 μήνες
I'll just wait for the Xbox Series X X.
James W
James W Πριν 4 μήνες
I don't get the PS5 elitist joke of XSX is just the Xbox one.5.
David Camou
David Camou Πριν 4 μήνες
Why cant you play halo I play halo
Khairul Hairi
Khairul Hairi Πριν 4 μήνες
Do ultimate xbox series x and ps5
Altaaf Ismail
Altaaf Ismail Πριν 4 μήνες
The green on top shoukd be illuminated in green LED's.
Altaaf Ismail
Altaaf Ismail Πριν 4 μήνες
Anthony Maclellan
Anthony Maclellan Πριν 4 μήνες
Is that logic
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